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  Spring/Summer 2003 - BUILT-INS and Oven Styles of 1955






The Old Road Home Quarterly

Spring 2003 – Ninth Year Anniversary Issue


First Main Feature - BUILT-INS AND OVEN STYLES OF 1955 – This is a true blast from the past. Normally you will see freestanding stoves in The Old Road Home. That goes without saying. However, a lot of our pals across the miles have built-in units. Classic built-ins are coming back and big! In this issue, you will see the newest and coolest features stoves had to show off nearly 50 years ago. Quite a few people have fond memories of these units. They were such a radical departure from the freestanding units. As time went on, some of the designs got pretty “out there”, but you have to remember that’s part of the process of progress.
Features like rotisseries, swing out French style broiler doors, "see-in" glass oven doors, “grilling clamps”, lift-away oven doors, disposable oven liners, roast-meter ovens, double side by side built-ins with ovens up to 24” wide were text book built-in features.

Colors offered in enamel were rainbow-like. There’s even an antique copper Chambers displayed, which although was a freestanding stove, still adds to the sassy blend of equipment and finishes available. Again, many of these units are still around today with the demand definitely increasing. In the past 15 months we have  noticed that orders for supplies, rebuilt original thermostats, elements and safety systems for classic built-ins  have greatly increased. TIP: If you think you are in the market for a older built-in, make sure all the parts are there and check for damage. Some models could have very low original parts availability.

For almost a decade The Old Road Home has displayed just about every type of 

antique appliance one can imagine. Let’s face it pardners, we all have our favorites, but one thing everyone would like to know is how to make the appliance last as long as it can!

This year we have had more people than ever before joining The Old Appliance Club; everyone wants to see, learn about or share their old appliance experience. And thanks to wonderful members like 

Handywoman Laura Wolf in Michigan, we became aware of one heck of a brilliant guy – Dr. Bruce Graves. Bruce is a PHD Consultant in Physical Electro-Chemistry. Like the rest of us, Bruce likes to save money! If you have ever had water heater problems, you will not want to miss this article. You won’t believe how he cured his tired out, leaky water heater so it can last, last, last. Dr. Bruce has paved the way for you to outsmart the old water heater and be able to say to it “Ah HA” once and for all. This should keep your heater going for decades.


THE OLD, THE ODD AND THE UNUSUAL – “Calling all Monitor Top refrigerator fans!” The summer can be hot, but years ago without air conditioning it was downright brutal. Way back 

in 1928, a New York doctor utilized an experimental water chiller designed by Frank Faust of General Electric. You will see an incredibly rare picture of 6 Monitor Top household refrigeration units suspended in a basement water tank with all sorts of gizmo’s, blowers etc. to cool the offices above, way down.
Bernard Nagengast, TOAC member and expert refrigeration historian shares this one of a kind photo with our tribe. Bern never ceases to amaze us when it comes to the history of refrigeration. He shares so many rare pictures and stories with TOAC, and this picture is a blockbuster!

I REMEMBER THE GRUNOW, Part II – In the last issue of The Old Road Home, there were 2 feature articles on the Grunow refrigerator. Not having enough room for all the Grunow goodies, this time around more photos were shared by TOAC members Bernie Nagengast and Mike Arnold.

Carrene was the refrigerant used in the Grunow refrigerator and it was thought to be absolutely SAFE! That was until the EPA found what it could really do to humans! The publicity photos showing a “taste test” (God forbid) and more. Mike Arnold via Jim Stulga sent in the photo of the huge William C. Grunow Mausoleum nestled just above the Des Plaines River. So much of the background on old companies and inventors disappears over the years. Thanks to people like Mike and Bern we are able to show you what it was like when the products were new!
THE GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCT HIT PARADE FOR 1932 – Thanks once again to Mike Arnold for sending a potpourri of G.E. appliance pictures for your eyes to behold. Here you will see 1930s products like genuine General Electric Mazda light bulbs, the G.E. sewing machine, the semi automatic single slice side dispensing toaster, the “dog-bone” handle iron, G.E. Washing machine, and the fabulous General Electric

cooking range for 1932.


STILL ALIVE AND WELL – A brace of pages loaded with more pictures sent to us from all of you old appliance lovers across America. Early single slice Toastmaster Toaster trio, the all copper Universal “coffeematic” coffee maker, 1950s Westinghouse Frost-Free fridge, a suit-sharpe 30s electric range and a ancient Quick Meal gas range still cooking up a storm in the town of St. Louie where it was born.


APPLIANCES IN THE WILD Want to see what appliances look like way, way back in the woods, y’all? Refrigeratin Jim Apthorpe conducts a long, hot safari in Florida. Just when it looks like all is lost, he rescues an early GE DR Monitor Top and lives to tell about it and the amphibian he discovered living inside. What an adventure!


OVER FIFTY AND STILL GOING STRONG – With great anticipation we are always delighted to receive your stories and pictures with personal tales of old appliance restoration and use. The Old Appliance Club broadcasts the “news across the miles” so you 


can see what is going on coast to coast so hopefully it will inspire you to do the same. We were thrilled to get a lovely pack of pictures and a terrific story from TOAC members Tammy Scitar and Joe Gentile on what they have been up to. Some of the appliances they own are a Ritz Black Angus Electric Barbecue from the 50s, a Chambers B 

model, a 1948 Dixie gas range, 2 G.E. refrig’s from the 40s and 50s, toasters, classic metal kitchen cabinets and more! 

Find out their secret on  how they get their kitchen goodies. The technique is a winner and the dollar outlay is very modest. Tammy said, “Battery powered tools are a must take-a-long.” Tammy and Joe will tell you all about it. 


WHAT’S FOR SALE? Glad you asked dear friends. This issue The Old Road Home will carry more ads than ever before. See 2 rare and fantastic looking 


Reliable ranges (American Stove Co.) 4 and 6 burner models with multiple ovens -- restoration fresh. Chambers gas ranges – model B’s, model C’s, Ropers, Universal Oxford, 1930s O’Keefe & Merritt, Monarch Maleable Electric/Wood combination range, Smith and Anthony Heater, 50s GE fridges, Wedgewoods, Western – Holly, Maytag Dutch oven range, parlor, log, combo and wood heater stoves, 2 Super rare 1955 GE Wall mounted triple door refrigerators and even a golden GE Monitor Top just restored.


WHAT’S WANTED? Did you know that an old appliance or part that you have sitting in your garage, house or shed could not only save someone else’s unit but bring you money as well? To restore old appliances, parts or sometime entire units are desperately needed. Quite a few people pour over the classifieds in TORH for goods that are needed by others. If you are seeking to reduce the tonnage on your plot, check out the wanted column. Everything and anything is needed and hopefully you can supply it, make a few bucks and maybe even make a new friend!




Double Feature of … The GRUNOW REFRIGERATOR


I Remember the Grunow – Part I  by Mike Arnold

Ace vintage refrigeration expert Mike Arnold steps into the spotlight to deliver a super-tight history on the Grunow refrigerator.


The rare Grunow fridge, which used the unusual refrigerant “Carrene” was in production from 1933-1937. Mike shares history, pictures, a chart full of technical information and his point of view on why this elder cooler should not be scrapped. The good news is that it can be revamped for modern use.


If the name Grunow sounds familiar, it may be because the company was well known for the finely engineered radios manufactured within quality furniture cabinets.



 If you like search, salvage and restoration adventures, wait until you read about the antique Grunow refrigerator Ray and Don from Paso Robles, California saved! The fridge was found sinking in mud inside a dilapidated shed. Their restoration pictures and tale are amazing. Included is a full page vintage ad on the Grunow entitled, “What’s Inside The Coils”.


‘JILL’ of All Trades Laura Wolf handywoman at large up Michigan way shares pictures of her favorite vintage appliances that she



has acquired along her journey in restoring old houses. There’s a 20 inch Philco gas range, a handsome 1939 Frigidaire electric fridge and a stout G.E. Monitor Top that are in need of a new home. Maybe it could be sitting in your kitchen soon?


THE APTHORPE FILES Old appliance sleuth Jim Apthorpe from Florida uncovers an AMAZING TOASTMASTER TOASTER. This 1930 model is an all cast aluminum 4-slice model with mica windows. It slurps down a whopping 2,750 watts of power too! Original advertising on this model and other Toastmaster Toasters (including the 3, 4 and 8 slice models) are featured.


POSTWAR APPLIANCE ASSEMBLY LINE – Mike Arnold sent us this 1945 production line full pager featuring APEX WASHING MACHINES. Production was so heavy that over 1,000 workers were added over the company’s previous peacetime peak to keep up the demand.


STILL ALIVE AND WELL – Here’s a mix that can’t be beat. This time around we feature a  KitchenAid mixer with all attachments, which actually sold for $89.50 during the Depression! Also featured are a Chambers 1100 pound Imperial 6 burner gas range, A tuxedo sharp Magic Chef 1930s range, a rarely heard about JACKSON hand iron, a 1940s Knapp-Monarch dual beating mixer and one of the prettiest waffle bakers ever made – The Porcelier.


  THE OLD, THE ODD and THE UNUSUAL – If you would like to see what an “egg coddler” used to look 

 like in the early days of electric cookery there is a fine copper coddler by Heinrich. Pay special attention to how the cords used to look way back when. If you wish to see a spectacular 1925 eight burner, three oven gas range built by Reliable range company see page 17 of this issue. It is an astounding piece of kitchen machinery!


Remember to Consider, the VEHICLES that Did Deliver

This time around we have a picture of the first Ironrite Ironer that was Air-Expressed to New York City. The delivery plane looks like the old DC series. Also pictured in this series is an early appliance parade float on the back of a 1920s flatbed truck. Hotpoint stoves and Frigidaire refrigerators are the featured appliances.


WHAT’S FOR SALE?  Some of the goodies for sale this time around are a 6300 eight burner Magic Chef gas range, O’Keefe & Merritt stoves, Chambers B, C and the rare Martha Washington models. See a super sharp ’56 G.E. refrigerator, a 40” 1950s Universal gas range, a Spark combination range, an Occidental gas/wood combo stove from the 30s and more including FREE APPLIANCES just waiting to be picked up.


WANTED ADS – All sorts of items needed here. If you have them these appliances or parts hanging around you can earn some bucks and help to save someone else’s old appliance too.


Like Reading The Latest News about Old Appliances?



NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES – Find out the latest in the world of old appliance news.

IT CAME FROM THE MAILBAG – Your letters from across the world about old appliances.  Watch for an especially interesting letter concerning vintage range thermostats.

THE DUCK BROTHERS FIX IT COLUMN AND CARTOON – Lou and Lee never disappoint. This time around it's entitled 'Life Sentence In TWO WORDS'.

OLD APPLIANCE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS – See the first new product release of the model 90-C Chambers eyebrow light replacement. 

DEALER ADS AND SERVICES – There are many great specialists to choose from in The Old Appliance Club. Talk to one, talk to all for expert services. 

OLD APPLIANCE SERVICE AND PARTS PROVIDERS – The best of the best vintage appliance services and parts suppliers. 


And finally


SEE IT in The Old Road Home … NEW antique-style refrigerators!

These are custom-built to look just like the wood and glass styles of past decades … comes with interior lighting, too! These brand-new versions are a pleasure to use! Also - Now Available … NEW Pilot Replacements for vintage Magic Chef stoves, new Safety Systems for Chambers ranges, original thermostat and safety valve rebuilding services, restoration services like premium plating, new porcelain enamel processing, ‘How To’ do-it-yourself antique stove manuals, custom burner head gaskets, plus new 

east and west coast restoration and rebuilding companies that have just 

come on-line with TOAC!


Everything you need

is right here 

in this edition of 

The Old Road Home! 

   Fall 2002 -  The Wonderful World of the 50s WEDGEWOOD Stoves 

JUMBO Extended Edition

The Wonderful World of Wedgewood Stoves – For the first time The Old Road Home presents a full lineup of Wedgewoods for 1952. Wedgewood stoves, from post WWII to the mid-50s were very much alike except for minor body changes. See all of the styles that were NEW in ’52! Check out the features of each model, measurements and pictures of these most sought after antique ranges. If you are looking for a Wedgewood this information will chart out everything you need to know.

Second Feature – EASY Washing Machines –  Appliance specialist, Mike Arnold of 20th Century Restorations, recalls the old Easy Washing Machine. Mike donated rare ads and pictures of the Easy for this piece from his own archive. He also gives us a birds-eye-view of his 40 year career in service and sales of vintage electronics and appliances.

 Third Feature – “Don’t Judge A Rusty Refrigerator” – Why would anyone want a rust-freckled ‘50s fridge from a burned down gym? An Arkansas gal by the name of Launa Morphew did. Wait until 


you see what the cooler looks like after she rescued and restored her cathedral-style old Philco dream machine.

WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES for 1932 – A sensational dual-page of Westinghouse home appliances. See the Flavor-Zone Range. The Dual Automatic Refrigerator (looks like a huge radio cabinet), the Deluxe Automatic Iron, and other goodies like a Westinghouse Fan, Vacuum, Washer, Electric China Coffeemaker, plus the Westinghouse flip-flop toaster. A gorgeous group of domestic equipment any old appliance lover would love to own.

ROYAL VACUUM CLEANER 1945 – A full display of the latest in bullet-style vacuums from Royal for post WWI. You will be surprised to see all of the attachments that came with this home appliance too.

STILL ALIVE AND WELL – We roam the USA to checkout old appliances that are still hard at work for their owners. This time around you will see a super sharp 1920s Direct Action gas range, a brand new 1950 Tappan cook top – (found in a warehouse with original suggested retail price tag), a one-slice solid chrome deco Toastermaster toaster from the 30s, a super cool EC-6 Silex electric coffee pot~all chrome and glass, and a very, very old Simplex electric iron that looks like it could do double-duty as doorstop it’s so muscular.

MAYTAG WASHER DELIVERY IN THE 1930s – Thanks to an unknown photographer sometime in the early thirties we have one of those terrific “men-at-work” photos. It 

features a 1932 Chevy pickup being loaded to the teeth with Maytag washer crates. Check out the Maytag men in their factory shop coats loading the early equipment. 

SPLISH-SPLASH – What happens when old appliances turned art-objects take on a new life as an outdoor display? Join us as we visit Donna Christy’s backyard in Oregon to see the fascinating results. This could become a trend!

THE OLD, THE ODD AND THE UNUSUAL – There’s no shortage of odd stuff in this issue. See a Kenmore table top washer, a folding electric stove (recently found in a ravine), a very early Kitchenaid mixer which looks like it could have been built from an erector set and last but not least, a Cadillac for your kitchen? A Cadillac toaster that is. They all await you inspection.

A HAPPY CAMPER – After decades of waiting, Linda O’Neill finds just the right home to utilize her 61 C Chambers range. Then she discovers the folks she lent the stove to years before thought it was theirs! What to do? Linda sets out on a hunt and locates  another model 61C Chambers that ends up being named, The Duchess. This is a terrific story by a gal who just couldn’t do without an old range in her new kitchen.

 A KINDLY AUNT, A MAGIC CHEF STOVE, A ’35 OLDSMOBILE AND A FARNSWORTH  - Old appliance rescue-master Jim Apthorpe from Leesburg, Florida shares one of the most heart-warming stories you will ever read. After coming across an old 

butter-yellow Magic Chef gas range from the 1930s in an antique store, a flood of childhood memories resurface recalling a kind aunts many good deeds. A must read for the holiday season.

NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES – Find out the latest in the world of old appliance news.

IT CAME FROM THE MAILBAG – Your letters from across the world about old appliances.  Watch for an especially interesting letter concerning vintage range thermostats.

THE DUCK BROTHERS FIX IT COLUMN AND CARTOON – Lou and Lee never disappoint. Their comic this time around is entitled ‘Tis The Season To Be Jerky’…and boy they don’t disappoint!

OLD APPLIANCE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS – See the first new product release of the model 90-C Chambers eyebrow light replacement. 

DEALER ADS AND SERVICES – There are many great specialists to choose from in The Old Appliance Club. Talk to one, talk to all for expert services. 

OLD APPLIANCE SERVICE AND PARTS PROVIDERS – The best of the best vintage appliance services and parts suppliers. 

BUY/SELL ADS and FREE OLD APPLIANCES – Check out our classified section ...  the place to locate great old fridges, stoves and just about any other domestic appliances.  


Everything you need

is right here 

in this edition of 

The Old Road Home! 



Summer 2002 

First Feature Article -


The rarest of rare of the refrigerating machines. Jack Santoro, founder of The Old Appliance Club, takes you for a refreshing trip through Water Cooler Wonderland of a bygone era. See these Monitor Tops that were built solely to be used as water coolers. This issue will quench everybody’s thirst for knowledge about these fascinating inventions from ‘way back when’. Powerhouse,

General Electric was responsible for this ‘cool’, state of the art, advanced, functionality and design - all featured right here in this sizzling hot Summer 2003 issue. Frigidaire home fountains plus Vortex and Lilly cup dispensers included too! 

Second Feature Article -


Read and see everything you ever wanted to know about the classic Frigidaire Automatic washer. A wonderful article by Robert Seger includes pictures of his fascinating automatic washer collection. Folks have been clamoring for this wet and wild feature article. You can almost hear the swishing and sloshing of clothes being cleaned and smell the clean detergent-clean smell. It is sure to make a big splish-splash when you share it with your friends.

STOVE DESIGN OF THE 1930s – 10 pictures of the latest and greatest in stove design of the 1930s. Glenwood, Smoothtop, 

Roper, Westinghouse, Edison/G.E., Detroit Vapor, A.B. Stove Co., Doric, Estate and even an Armstrong stove that could be hung on the wall!

TOASTERMASTER TOASTER AND HOSPITALITY TRAY – This is the way to serve toast even at the most glamorous of parties. The toaster looks like a chrome plated building and check out the special “built-in” toast slicer too.

 OLD APPLIANCE PICTURES GALORE – See a full size model AC Home Comfort stove, an Ironrite mangle, a chrome-plated Dormeyer toaster and Camfield Mixer and the What’ Z IT? mystery stove. Guess what it is and get a free back issue of TORH!

 SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – Jim Apthorpe’s article on his recently found Electrochef B-2 range, Willy’s Word in Wisconsin featuring an early Monitor-Top G.E. fridge and Kalamazoo .

wood  range, the beautifully restored 1950s retro-kitchen featuring a classic 6 burner Caloric gas stove, an ABC 1930s wringer washer and a Sunbeam Butter Churner


See the “genuflecting” G.E. Ball Top at a Florida Hardware store auction, a 1929 Air-Way vac with butt-cleaning attachment and a most unusual 1933 combination 4 burner stove with oven, broiler and bottom refrigerator all powered by natural gas. 

Plus, this summer's fun with...


When someone or something brings you to the brink of blistering anger, instead of becoming as hot as molten lava--relax! Show everyone that your bubbling fountain of friendliness can neutralize even the dumbest, most irritating, idiotic behavior known to mankind... 


   Spring 2002 - The ELECTRIC TRIANGLE: Hughes, Hotpoint and GE



Is Zooming  

Right Towards You!


Own an electric stove? 

This is the hottest issue yet

This all-inclusive feature article covers 

Hughs, Hotpoint and GE 


The three main powerhouses of electrical efficiency in antique stoves - read about it the proceeding  outline ...


Also... Your Appliances on Parade

This member's uniquely shaped very old Bendix washer had an auto soap injector and a water saver switch, Detroit Star transitional modern gas unit, ‘pint-sized’ 40s light green Frigidaire, deep red Monitor Top, plus an 8” Osterizer – and it works!

How do you ‘play’ an old stove??? 

Ask George Wilson, he’s a pro at turning old appliances into 


surprisingly interesting sounding instruments – also watch for him on Channel 11, The LA Times plus more.


 The wisecracking ‘LOGIC’ of our own DUCK BROTHERS – Lou and Lee, has got to be summertime cartoon fun at its best. See what they’re up to with: ‘Ideas as Hot as Heartburn’, ‘Don’t Forget to Brush’, and ‘Dishwasher Strikes Back’.


Hot ‘lectric Cookin’ featuring The ELECTRIC TRIANGLE is so hot it's COOL.  This is for those of you who are interested in or own your own ‘lectric stoves – rising in popularity as they are still quite reasonable plus good lookin’. It’s a full-fledged fabulous article that goes all the way from the beginning of the early 1900s thru 1944, including pictures of the full-line of heating devices from Hughs, Hotpoint and GE. Plus, you get a brief of all the catalogue numbering system changes along the way. 


Read this note from Larry Willits and his story and photos in the magazine about his Edison electric range. 

I just wanted to thank you for publishing my stuff. Always nice. What's really cool is that you did an issue on electrics. I like my range, and I wonder why more people can't find innovative uses for the technology.
      All best from Seattle, 
      Larry Willits

The heavy stove, discovered by an electrical engineer, required that the floor be buttressed... Don’t miss this hot electric issue, appliance aficionados; it’s better than summer saltwater taffy.  


There's more...

The Old, Odd, and Unusual

Pictures a double-whammy 1936 Monitor Top, a Hotpoint electric stove with wood heater, gas Sunbeam 4 burner and an ornate 1912 Humphrey water heater.

Proud Member ARTICLES abound just in time as we show and tell all before national moth season begins to devour all the woolens – The Hoover 1946 ‘Mothimizer’ – plus,  'Old Appliance Aficionados' the Scherling's fabulously detailed “Our Beloved Vintage Kitchen” story is a very fine example of a complete original 1920s to 30s era restored-remuddled kitchen including all appliances, cabinetry and lighting. 


PLUS, in this All Important ELECTRIC category is:

“Jackie’s Electric Kitchen” lovingly redone in the fashion of the 1920s and “The Traveling Edison” 


-- an example of a labor of love that was definitely worth the effort to save this very fine 1920s electric restaurant range.


Anyone that wishes to give their older appliance a new home, at no cost to the next owner, will enjoy the ads we donate to promote a healthier planet through second, third, fourth etc. ownership. See the classified section for the goodies this time around. 

BUY/SELL/LOCATE – The classifieds in The Old Road Home have increasingly become the conduit between folks that need to buy, sell or locate vintage appliances, parts and information. We have stoves, refrigerators, vintage stove hoods and many other types of household appliance ads where you can locate what you need, sell something you have no further use for or buy just the item you have been searching for. 

THE WRAP UP – Besides everything you have just read about we have a terrific “mail bag”, Old, Odd and Unusual appliances, also picture this -- the old Maytag Automatic washer with Gyrafoam action and Maytag Dutch Oven Ad and The 1946 Admiral Appliance Truck, all kinds of manuals to help you restore your stove, and dealers that are experts in restoration, parts and service. And, to wrap it all up with a smile -- When Fun Was Free's "POSTCARDS". 

  Winter 2002 - The Phabulous PHILCO Refrigerator

Extended Issue


Winter 2002

This Quarters Super-Feature 

PHILCO Advanced Design Refrigerators

 If you own a classic range, usually the next major appliance you will be in the market for is a vintage refrigerator. 

See one of the sharpest looking refrigerators ever to be constructed, the Philco Advanced Design refrigerator.

The Philco had the wonderful cathedral-style corners and highly plated hardware that gave it a look all of its own. Perhaps you may even be lucky enough to find one today for your mid-century retro-kitchen! 

The space-saving construction, super-power and unique automatic defrost system were just a few of the reasons this classic cooler became so popular. You will enjoy this article without a doubt. 


As we put this article together several members of The Old Appliance Club sent in items which we just had to include into the mix including a vintage Philco radio, a matching Philco electric range in 

white porcelain and chrome and even a can of Philco polish from the 50s that was available from dealers to keep all Philco products sparkling and shining!  

SECOND PHILCO FEATURE – “Phabulous Philco”

Many of our old appliance friends across the miles contact us to display some of the classics they use in their kitchens. Todd Miller from San Luis Obispo, California sent in some wonderful pictures of his kitchen -  loaded to the teeth with terrific looking vintage appliances. Besides his 50s Sunbeam toaster and Westinghouse “Twin” washer and dryer, the pride and joy refrigerator in his kitchen is a Philco. Todd started with a $150.00 “second-hand” store refrigerator. When he finished disassembling, painting and even changing the door opening rotation you will see a masterpiece! He even located the ice cube trays and as mentioned previously, the

 Philco radio to perch on top of the fine fridge. If you want to be inspired, this is the refrigerator you should see.  

VINTAGE VACUUMS – More and more these days we are seeing folks collecting and using vintage vacuums. Our old friend from Leesburg, Florida, Jim Apthorpe, recently came across a stunning example. It’s a 1956 Kenmore; coral in color with aluminum trim. It almost looks like something you would pull around the golf course and yet it’s a vacuum! In the article we were lucky enough to include a full blowup

diagram of the parts too. Vac lovers, this one is in super condition and you are sure to enjoy the nice tight design of the unit. Jim says it works great too!

QUICK MEAL RANGES - We have featured hundreds of stoves in The Old Road Home over the years. Many of which have belonged to the American Stove Dynasty. In winter 2002 you will see the brand name that kicked it all off – 

the Quick Meal. 

We have selected over one dozen Quick Meals stove so you can see a complete cross-section from the smallest to the LARGEST units ever constructed in 1928. All factory numbers, weights, measurements and model names are included. You cannot help but wonder why no company today can make such an outstanding and attractive range. Wait until you see the 2,040-pound Quick Meal model #983-3!

 VENTING A STOVE – If you have questions on how to vent a classic range in your kitchen we have reproduced a feature on the topic that will show you step by step exactly how to do so.  

STILL ALIVE AND WELL – A TRIPLE-DOOR 1950s REFRIGERATOR WITH ELLIPTICAL GLASS DOOR INSERTS? Yes, we have it and don’t you dare miss it! It is a site to behold. Also included in this double page spread are a 1952 Caloric range with custom copper pleated backsplash and

NU-TONE overhead hood and it’s kitchen partner a 1950 single door Frigidaire refrigerator. Don’t miss the Chambers range with custom built convenience shelf and the Rogerette vintage travel iron and Jack Santoro’s latest find, a 1946 W-2 Sunbeam 4 bay waffle iron in “out of the box” condition!

FREE VINTAGE APPLIANCES! Anyone that wishes to give their older appliance a new home, at no cost to the next owner, will enjoy the ads we donate to promote a healthier planet through second, third, fourth etc. ownership. See the classified section for the goodies this time around.  

BUY/SELL/LOCATE – The classifieds in The Old Road Home have increasingly become the conduit between folks that need to buy, sell or locate vintage appliances, parts and information. We have stoves, refrigerators, vintage stove hoods and many other types of household appliance ads where you can locate what you need, sell something you have no further use for or buy just the item you have been searching for.

THE WRAP UP – Besides everything you have just read about we have a terrific “mail bag”, Old, Odd and Unusual appliances, appliances found in the “wilderness” like an ancient Conover dishwasher and Glenwood range, all kinds of manuals to help you restore your stove, and dealers that are experts in restoration, parts and service. 

   Fall 2001 Feature - MAGIC CHEF 1000 Series Ranges

This Quarters Super-Feature

The Old Road Home Fall 2001

MAGIC CHEF 1000 Series The 1930s Magic Chef 1000 series was originally developed and targeted for use in larger homes and mansions across America. Boasting a fully enameled surface, 6 burners, warming closet and double ovens, this stove has gone on to take its rightful place as one all time favorites in the gas range hall of fame. 

If you ever take a tour of the Magic Chef House in St. Louis, this is the very range you will find in the kitchen today.  Join us to enjoy all the models, dimensions, color combinations and features. This is the first time the style-sheets have been published in 65 years!

Toast-O-Lator toaster lovers! If you are fascinated by old time toasters, this time around we are presenting how the famous Toast-O-Lator toaster works. See a complete cut-a-way of this novel conveyor-belt type toaster. Find out exactly what cooking process goes on as bread enters on one side of the toaster tunnel, then a short time later arrives fully browned and crisp on the other end. If you have ever wondered what goes on inside this slab-sided chrome toaster you will definitely enjoy this feature.

Coffee COOKERS, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee –  Everyone that enjoys coffee normally has their own favorite brewing pot. California television producer, Brad Harlan, has many of them. Since the time he was just a tyke, Brad’s parents, true lovers 

of a great cuppa, must have inspired him to start his coffee-maker collection that he admits he is so afflicted with today. Brad shows many terrific styles and a wonderful story about coffee we guarantee you won’t soon forget. You'd better have your cuppa’ sitting close by to sip along as you enjoy.

Magic Chef Feature Double Bonus  The Magic Chef 6300. One of the most inspiring stories that we have received to date is from Geoff Williamson. Geoff searched for and eventually found the stove of his dreams - a Magic Chef 6300 eight-burner gas stove. (This range is considered by many to be the Hope Diamond of the vintage stove group from the 1930s.) 

Follow Geoff on his own personal quest half way across America in locating, transporting and beautifully restoring the elusive 6300. (The 6300 is the big eight burner with multiple ovens, broiler, warming closet and full chrome trim.) Every old stove lover hunting for their own dream range should not miss this inspiring article.  

Vintage Vacuums - Do you marvel over vintage vacuums? We have a real treat for you. The Rexair Cleaner developed all the way back in the 1930s used no dust bag at all, yet it trapped dirt and dust like no other cleaner using just water! Read all about it in the fall issue of The Old Road Home. 

VINTAGE APPLIANCES ADS GALORE! If you are inspired after reading some of the great vintage appliance stories in The Old Road Home, you needn’t search any further for your dream appliance, part or service. It’s all contained in the pages of The Old Road Home!

We are carrying the biggest classified to date. Folks needing to buy or sell all sorts of vintage appliances, parts and information are just an e-mail or a call away. Connect with others, share your interest and fill a need.

FREE VINTAGE APPLIANCES Don’t forget to check out the FREE appliances offered too. Rather than add to the landfill, many people are now donating their older appliances so they can be repaired and used for many years to come. Have a classic appliance you no longer need? If you are giving one away at no cost, we will let you advertise it for free! Contact for further details. 

STILL ALIVE AND WELL Wait until you see the Hardwick Challenger gas stove that was rescued from a Memphis junkyard and refurbished! Looks like a “paired-down” version of an O’Keefe & Merritt Aristocrat. We even have the original magazine ad that introduced it to the public way back in the 1940s! Notice the oven door glass. It mysteriously doubled as a mirror too. Look for other goodies too like the unusual Stewart Warner refrigerator. Yes, this was the company that made gauges…but, appliances too. See a rare Hotpoint RA-57 electric range with deep well cooker still in use since 1938. We have published the original photo taken just minutes after the stove was installed decades ago. Last but not least, see a cast- aluminum portable Oster hair dryer from 1930s and a Universal fold-down red handled travel iron -- both still working and in fine condition.

 Ask ANNE & NAN Another holiday treat is a visit from our tribes-girl Anne Adams. Anne will teach you the best way to clean those burnt cookie sheets, solve iron cleaning problems and scour Pyrex glass cooking utensils. Anne & Nan have been around for years and know all the secrets to problems throughout the household.

The OLD, The ODD and The UNUSUAL  We have a picture of the 1st experimental G.E. Monitor Top refrigerator. It’s a

weird-one too. Looks like a big garden hose wrapped around the compressor. You have never seen any MT quite like this before. Don’t forget to check out the “Breakfaster” too ­ a type of streamlined early toaster oven with a warming plate on top. Did you ever see a coffee cooker that mounts on the wall? That’s the most unusual Courtesy Coffee maker you will find on the same page of the fall issue -- a very odd contraption to say the least. 

Great Old-Time Ads and Displays ­ 

See the Christmas model 1948 G.E. Space Maker refrigerator, a G.E .portable mangle, a 1931 Dormeyer Mixer/Juicer that stands on its head, and four important, yet different styles of “modern” washers that were introduced many decades ago for the home laundry. 

DISPLAY ADS For all you old stove lovers there are some real beauties for sale in our fall periodical. How about a red-enameled Chambers, a marbled Magic Chef Patrician, a 1921 Direct Action, a super-sharp 50s Philco staggered-element electric range, TWO Magic Chef 6300 Series with chrome front trim, and much more. 

 HELP!  Are you ready to start your restoration work? We have How To manuals, rare products, books, reproduction parts, chrome and porcelain services, thermostat refurbishment, custom safety valve systems, etc… the list goes on just waiting to get you started in the right direction. 

Come with us for a most remarkable trip down appliance “memory lane”. You will find many pleasant surprises and have a ton of fun with the Duck Brothers 'Fix-It' column and cartoon, our mailbag and to wrap it all up with a smile -- When Fun Was Free's "New Ideas for Older Products". 

  Summer 2001 Issue Featuring - The Crosley ICY BALL

The Old Road Home Summer 2001 cover

Extended Issue

The Crosley ICY BALL 


THE OLD ROAD HOME, Summer 2001 issue also features the most popular models of vintage  1950s O'Keefe & Merritt ranges along with their correct factory model numbers. Included in the article are the original prices of several of their biggest selling models. O'Keefe & Merritt fans are in for a fabulous fifties treat.
Crosley ICY BALL - Here is one of the most delightful stories on vintage refrigerators. People who lived in the country sorely missed having refrigeration due to lack of electricity and gas service. No need to worry - you'll read how Powell Crosley brought his famous ICY BALL to rural homes and solved the dilemma. As Bernard Nagengast, refrigeration historian, wrote, “People who lived in the country may not have had electric refrigerators, but they sure did have Icy Balls.”

STILL ALIVE AND WELL PHOTO GALLERY - We never seem to run out of grin-making old appliance pictures and this 

issue certainly proves it. Look for Norm Howe's beautiful ca.1935 Wards "GLORY" coal and wood range with upper warming ovens, a lovely large Chicago Metallic Electric Coffee Urn ca.1940 that is said to make a wonderful "cuppa" even though it is 60 plus years old. We especially like the "built like a bridge" circular, double-bay. See the TOAST MASTER WAFFLE IRON ca.1940. You just cannot find anything that looks like this or the urn these days. And, there is a 4 slice TOASTMASTER TOASTER, of the same vintage, that has to make some of the most mouth-watering crunchy toast anywhere.  For our refrigerator fans we have a 2-door mid-1930s refrigerator that is not only all porcelain but has blind-embossed doors. It is gorgeous. Last but not least, we have a six burner (with griddle) O'Keefe & Merritt gas stove from the 1930s that was shipped new to Brazil and spent 6 decades there before returning to California for a complete restoration. A rare model indeed, black and white in color, blind embossed panels, dripping in chrome trim and rare extras.

The OLD, The ODD, The UNUSUAL - One of the strangest heating devices of all time is the G.E. Electric Luminous Heater ca.1915. Three huge bologna-shaped light bulbs affixed in an ornately detailed floor style cabinet. Few have heard of this unit and less have ever seen one in A-1 condition. Also keeping things toasty on cold nights is the ca.1940 Coleman Kerosene Heater made 

in Canada. It almost resembles a radio in some aspects, but its job was to keep its owners warm on chilly eves. In the same display is yet another Coleman heater from the same period that was a heater with a full team of radiants inside along with stylish grillework only comparable to the automotive industry of that period. Last but not least, if you think Hoover only made cleaners we have a big surprise for you.


Michael Sheafe, owner of TOASTER CENTRAL and member of The Old Appliance Club stops by to deliver 'THE MAN BEHIND THE TOASTOY’. If you like toasters you will surely love this fascinating story. There is a "twist" to it that you will find astounding. Don't miss the excellent photos of the Excel Deluxe Whistle-T-Ket-L and the Exel Corn Popper, too. When you see the condition of these old timers you won't believe it.
SOURCES - Don't forget if you need to find vintage appliances, parts, service or information The Old Road Home is the only quarterly of its kind in the world. If you don't find it in this quarterly, as a private party member of TOAC you can advertise for it world wide -- FREE.

RIGHT HERE AND NOW - See our new model, Lana Wells, of Hollywood, California doing a wonderful job of displaying our new Chambers Silverstone Griddle and parts. She is the 2001 version of the 1940s pinup girl without a doubt. Thanks


 Lana you were a pleasure to work with -- the blonde hair, turban and short shorts didn't hurt either! Glad you are an old stove lover.

The Kaiser ‘5’ Minute Dishwasher - 1948 full page ad describing the totally non-electric dishwasher - runs on waterpower! It’s prime for the time, you won’t believe how it looks or works.

Vintage Appliance Delivery Truck pictures! Another double-shot of those big bruisers -- hard working trucks of years ago hauling domestic household  appliances from years ago.!

  ** Sizzling HOT ** 

KELVINATOR Root Beer Barrel and early refrigerated soda machines. The mystery of the malt shop root beer barrel revealed! We were so happy to get this hot story into the summer issue; we had to stop the presses so we could include this frosty thirst quencher!
The Duck Brothers Fix it Corner - Lou and Lee are out of the shop and "Up On the Roof" acting more like The Hunchback of Notre Dame than ever before!
When Fun was Free - Twiddle-Twattle ! More nonsense for those that like to be tickled and tickled.


Hope you can join us to see and enjoy all the goodies mentioned above. Remember our magazine The Old Road Home is sent FREE to all members of The Old Appliance Club.  We’ll see you all down on The Old Road Home real soon.

Spring 2001 Issue Featuring - UNIVERSAL Stove Line of 1940


GE Monitor Top and the

CP Stove Specifications  cp logo 

Extended Issue

UNIVERSAL Stove line - a hand picked fine selection of their most popular stoves. 
1940 was a Colossal year for CP - Universal Gas Ranges - Gotham Marlboro, Oxford and Strand. 

Do you have a “CP” logo on the front of your classic stove? Find out why a CP range stands apart from all the rest, no matter what the brand of stove. CP stove requirements - 22 

mandatory plus an extra optional 10 requirements - page 14. G.E. “Monitor Top” refrigerators were the vintage electric “chillers” with the compressor on top. How on earth did they move those heavy icing units into place? Like the pyramids, there was a ‘secret’ that few people knew -  special  “portable crane” - marvel at this ingenious idea in the Spring 2001 issue.

  Vacuum Cleaner Fans – Hark!  Premier Vacuum Cleaner Company story is a great tale of how just one ironic “twist of fate” changed 3 brothers’ lives totally around and made them very rich too!

 Do you know how to move a vintage refrigerator? Make sure to see the IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS next time you have to move a classic cooler.   

Plus, 50s SPE-DE WEE-NEE, 1950 THOR COMBINATION that could either wash your clothes or 

your dishes, an iron for your clothes that not only used no electricity, wasn’t heated on a stove but carried it’s own “gas”  tank, RA-DRYER decided to build a clothes-drying machine that looked like a chest freezer, the “electric” Egg Scrambler with penetrating, vibrating needle looks like a mini-Mix Master, take a 1934-41 Maytag multi-motor washing machine build a racing car around it and add a kid or two for a washer demo. See these great cars from days gone by. 

We've got a WHATZIT. We don’t know what it is but, if you can prove you do, we will send the first person that is correct any one back issue of The Old Road Home appliance magazine 1995-2000.

 ONE DOOR CLOSES, THREE MORE OPEN – The End of the General Electric Trail. The story of the last days of an early monitor 

top refrigerator, broken during a move from California to New York City but there is a happy resolve with a new 3-door monitor. A must read!  

Great photo’s of restored model 'A' Chambers stove, Dormeyer mixers, home size deep frying mini-tanks, an O’Keefe & Merritt “Periscope” stove, even a potbelly “dripping in chrome” 50s G.E. coffee pot.

  Don’t miss the mangle irons especially love the lady that looks like she is pulling a giant sheet of lasagna through the roller!

OLD ELECTRIC WASHER FANS – see Maytag “Baby Grand” washing machine built between 1917-22; used a very different principle based on a “millrace” idea, and sleek 1938 Montgomery Wards washer. Last but not least,1934 Frigidaire Moving Follies on page 36 with the ups and downs of moving a 700 lb. Refrigerator. Whoa!  

    Winter 2001 Issue Featuring - CHAMBERSVILLE - Large, Medium and Small 


Extended Issue

If you love old stoves, this time around we are presenting the CHAMBERS B model "Imperial Line" - SEE  these magnificent, huge and unusual ranges. View the features. Learn the all-important weights (just in case you are thinking of installing one in your house) and see Why these  massive cookers were the #1 choice of  estates and country roadhouse restaurants for years.

  Remember the ‘deep well’ pots made by Wearever  for Chambers? We have them too. See the different models and descriptive information that applied to each different kettle – the singles, doubles, triples, even the double boiler model! 

  Wait until you see the 'Ham Baker' Chambers and the nifty two burner Chambers with Thermodome circa 1925? Here are two stoves rarely ever seen anywhere -- except in         TORH 2001.

Like vintage G.E. Monitor Top refrigerators? Just wait until you see the terrific comparison of monitor tops we have for you.  Displayed are one of the very first and last of the line. 

Next, we’re off to visit Jim Apthorpe’s Sunbeam Beauty Pageant for One in Leesburg, Florida. This is such a wonderful and heartfelt story I don’t think I can describe it any better than “a tale that will get you right in the throat”.

Vacuum cleaner lovers -- feast your eyes on a convertible model from 1926 called “The Vacuette”!  Gee, they used to have such good ideas didn’t they?   

By the way, if you are longing to find a special service on old appliances, this issue has the largest directory ever! Need a timer or clock repaired, any kind of special plating, parts fabricated, appliance brokering, sales or service? Maybe it’s a gas heater or claw foot tubs or a vintage TV, radio, washer, dryer or perhaps you need HOW TO fix-it yourself books. Find it all in The Old Road Home kick-off issue 2001. 

Some of the other curious vintage appliances are the early American Beauty electric iron, the look-a-like Sunbeam, a real electric egg beater (not a mixer), dripping-in-chrome old toasters, a huge combination oil/coal/gas Magic Chef combination stove from the 1930s, the HOMOZONE ancient home air purifier, for the home and a prime 100% restored O’Keefe & Merritt range rebuilt from "ground up" for  a very well known actor.

 You know those Duck Brothers?? Well, their Fix-It Corner and cartoon is back yet for its 7th year anniversary with some really good ideas on fixing broken ceramic insulators and a complete photo depicting the pre-50s Westinghouse

 electrically illuminated, fold-out closet Ironing Center! 

Talk about super rare photos – see the 1931 Edison Handy Ann Mixer or the 1930s electric "Heetaire" room warmer, an electric dish drainer with automatic forced air drying system and germicidal ultra-violet bulb! 

Some folks have asked for a source for old toasters or mixers. Others just want to know where they can get theirs fixed, refurbished or just find that cool, old, cloth covered cord that used to come with an appliance. No problem -- you will find everything you need in TORH!  

Did you know there is a solution to fix those great old steam irons of the past to work properly again – even if you have to use hard water? 

If you need someone to Silverstone or Teflon coat an aluminum griddle or repaint your favorite old refrigerator, washer, dryer or ?, we now have wonderful sources you can use to get this unique work accomplished once and for all. Need a wooden washer, 6 burner 2 oven gas range, Easy copper tub washer, Maytag wringer, church pews or just about any antique item for the house or garden? We are glad to say you will find all the contact information in TORH 2001.   

For those of us that thought that using solar energy to power a stove or refrigerator is just on the horizon, read an article that will astound you about how to operate 

a stove and icebox with the sun’s power. All of Otto’s neighbors benefited. Even the government wanted to know how he did it. When you read this solar power article, it sounds as fresh as fallen snow, yet it was released in 1938!  

Toaster Lovers – there is a picture of the first G.E. Toaster from 1905 and a wonderful time-line history of the toaster article for you to pick through called, The Crispy Golden Years of Toaster Manufacturing. 

Here’s a question for you. How were old appliances delivered? Why with old appliance trucks, of course! What beauties they are too. One old Hotpoint vehicle almost looks like a dump truck! 

  Oh! Don’t miss the classifieds! There are some wonderful bargains in there including a Frigidaire electric stove in turquoise blue enamel. Perfect shape and everything works like a charm and it’s FREE to a good home that can take good care of it.

  There’s even a massive Vulcan gas stove with 6 burners and 2 huge warming closets on top.

  And sitting right on the front cover, in the reprise role of Alma Chambers is none other than pretty Tina Conte, our first Old Road Home model (who just happens to have a Chambers 'C' in her home. Remember the great look of the 50s actresses?? Our printer said, “Wow, where on earth did you find that ‘hottie’?” 

See Alma Chambers in Fall 1997 The HISTORY of Chambers 

 All Back Issues from -- 1995 to 2000 --  click  for order form below ...

1995 Winter - Cover - 1937 Detroit Jewel stove, 1932 Johnson floorwaxer, 1940s Crosley Shelvador fridge, 1949 Dexter Twin Tub washer, 1951 O’Keefe & Merritt range, G.E. Monitor Top  refrigerators, Youngstown Kitchens, Frigidaire freezers, Wedgewood 1950s range.

1995 Spring - Cover - 1893 Michigan 30 ton Detroit Jewel stove, 1909 Vulcan stoves, 1936 O’Keefe & Merritt range, Perfection heaters, Sunbeam Mix Master furniture buffer, G.E. refrigerator, Tricks of the Trade.

1995 Summer - Cover - c.1940s Sunbeam toaster, 1931 G.E. hot plate, ‘31 G.E. washer, ‘32 Norge fridge,’37 Maytag washer, ‘46 Sunbeam mixer, G.E. Monitor Top water bottle, Glenwood range, Puritan water heaters, New Perfection home heaters, Kelvinator Electric Stoves and Refrigerators, The Official Old Road Home Pound Cake Recipe.

1995 Fall - Cover - Maytag washer, 1930s Gaffers Sattler refrigerator, 1931 G.E. Monitor Top Christmas refrigerator ad, 1932 Artyle Magic Chef range, 1941 Easy Laundry equipment, 1942 O’Keefe & Merritt stove, Kelvinator Chest freezers, Perfection Oil range.

1996 Winter - QUICKMEAL/ MAGIC CHEF FEATURE, 1948 Philco fridge, 1933 Sunbeam mixer & attachments, A&B 6 burner 2 oven range, Bakewell stove, Magic Chef - 1000 series, Magic Chef 8 burner gas range.


1996 Summer - CLEANING UP WITH MAYTAG FEATURE, 1930 Glenwood gas range, Sunbeam appliances, Vacuums, 1921 G.E. fan, Aristocrat range, 1947 T-20 toaster, Chambers and American Enterprise stove pictures.

1996 Fall - O’KEEFE & MERRITT FEATURE, Ice, Electric & Gas Fridges, 1932 G.E. dishwasher, 1949 Portable dishwasher, Gas Iron, Quickmeal six burner / two oven stove, 'The Lure Of Old Toasters', 1928 Chambers range, 1935 Manning-Bowman Coffee Service, 1940s Pacific Trash Burner stove.


Estate Gas & Electric 8 burner stove, 1905 Hughes electric stove, Salesmen Samples - G.E., Hoover, Hotpoint, Home Oakland wood stove, 1953 Tappan Gas Range, Hoover vacuum model 825, miniature G.E. toaster salt and pepper shaker, 1920s Frigidaire 3 door refrigerator, early G.E. triple beater mixer, Monitor and Ball Tops G.E. refrigerators, Hotpoint 1920s Iron Car, Westinghouse line of home appliances for late 1940s, Estate Electric toaster #77, 1920s combo stove/fridge, oven/radio combo.


1950 Coolerator refrigerators/freezers, 1930s Merrit-Made tosater/coffee warmer, 1949 Hardwick Challenger stove, 1935 Norge range, Magic Maid mixer, G.E. 1930s Hotpoint electric stove, 1933 Oster frapaiser, 1942 G.E. refrigerator, 1947 Sunbeam


space heater, Porcelier waffle maker, Roper range, 1952 International Harvester Speed Queen wringer washer, Westinghouse roaster, Hotpoint Electric range, 1947 Bendix dryer, 1938 Kelvinator refrigerators, Lewyt vacuums, K&M waffle baker, Dr. Leo Baekelandt - Father of Bakelite, G.E. coffee maker/dispenser, G.E. toasters, Handyhot electric Jr. washers, Tripletter toaster, G.E. Monitor Top compressor, G.E. Monitor Top tape measure, 1930s G.E. Catalog.

1997 Summer - SERVEL GAS REFRIGERATORS FEATURE, 1949 Wedgewood Style-setter gas range, 1928 Orange-Ade refrigerated vending machine, 1951 ABC-O-Matic washer, 1920s range leg cups, 1930s Magic Chef, 1948 Anderson gas range, 1950s Westinghouse washer/dryer salt & pepper shakers, General Mills model GMSA, G.E. X-4 Balltop refrigerator, Servel gas refrigerator, O’K & M 1950 gas range, Favorite gas range 1930s, Magic Chef 1935 range, Lee Maxwells washing machines, Maytag Dairy Farms, the famous Bluebird Record "You Can’t Kiss A Frigidaire".

1997 Fall - CHAMBERS GAS RANGES FEATURE, Proctor appliances for 1948, 1930s Angelus electric marshmallow toaster, 1930s Magic Chef tubular gas range, 1949 Hotpoint electric refrigerator and range, G.E. Canadian electric tea kettle, Electrolux vacuum, Armstrong "Old South" Waffle maker, Toastmaster model. 1B9 toaster, Jay Raymond’s vintage irons, Frigidaire oak and glass cooler, Electrolux vacuum moth-proofer.

1998 Winter - THE MAGIC CHEF HOUSE FEATURE, Bendix washers, 1934 Magic Chef range, 1936 GE monitor top, 1949 portable GE dishwasher, Electrolux vacuum, Waring blender, Ironrite Mangle, GE and Hotpoint Antique Appliance Delivery Trucks, Toastmaster display piece, Magic Chef Cooking 1946 cookbook recipes.

1998 Spring - MIXMASTER MEMORIES FEATURE, 1936 Norge Unit Kitchen, 1936 Perfection oil refrigerator, 1930 Wedgewood range, Toast-O-Lator, 1930s Westinghouse refrigerator, Caloric "Ultramatic" range, 1940s Nesco Cooker, Vacuum Cleaner history, KitchenAid mixer, Eureka table top range, GE pre-payment fan, Sunbeam cookbook recipes, 1930 Hotpoint electric range with Glenwood wood/coal attachment. 

1998 Summer - IN SEARCH OF THE LOST BENDIX FEATURE, GE Monitor top trucks, Armstrong table stove, salt and pepper shakers, 1939 GE refrigerator, Nesco Tea Ryte tea pot, Peninsular stove, Wedgewood gas range,  Silver King vacuums, Open Coil and Calrod surface heating units, Ohio State stove, Moore Brothers stove, 1933 Frigidaire "Air Conditioned Bed", Kate Smith's Cookbook recipes - 'God Bless America'.

1998 Fall - Holiday Special Edition  THE CHROME CONNECTION FEATURE (Brad and Don’s impressive 50s chrome collection), Philco refrig.,

1937 Servel Electrolux Kerosene refrigerator, 1939 Eaton Universal gas stove, Proctor Thermostatic toaster, 1946 Sunbeam Shavemaster, 1952 Westinghouse Electric roaster & timer, Jim Apthorpe "Appliance Detective", Sunday Nite "Sammiches", Crosley Xervac hair restoring machine, Apollo vacuum, Roto-Verso vac, Broil-O-Mat broiler, Steem electric iron, Detroit-Michigan Stove Co.'s 30 ton stove!

1999 Winter - How Rare Frigidaire fEATURE, Universal dishwasher-in-a-range, Son Chief toaster, 1895 Estate Peerless gas stove, Clark Jewell seven burner 1920s gas range, G.E. portable tank-type vacuum, Westinghouse 1950s upright freezer, 1950s G.E. mixer, G.E. monitor top clock, The Frigidaire Man, 1928 Air Way vacuum cleaner, G.E. round rolling vacuum cleaner, Ronald Reagan w/ G.E. Partiocart, Janet’s Heaters-10 historic electric heaters, When Fun Was Free, 'Scared Stiff'.

1999 Spring - DETROIT MICHIGAN STOVE COMPANY 75th Diamond Jubilee (1864-1939) FEATURE,  DJ 8 burner, cabinet model range, step stove and monel top range, A Salute To Hollywood 1936, 1930s Fairbanks-Morse Conservador refrigerator, G.E. 1935 garbage disposal, Manning-Bowman hotplate-double boiler combo, 1930s Sunbeam iron, 1950s Gibson refrigerator, Gibson electric stove, 1950s G.E. electric toaster, Hoover Constellation vacuum, Kenmore convertible 1940s range, 1920s-Sunbeam smoker set, Sunbeam Infra-red heater, Sunbeam Smokemaster, Sunbeam wafflewitch, G.E. Drape-O-Matic, 1930s Philco appliance truck, KitchenAid Found in Florida, ABC-O-Matic Washers, George Wilson - World's First 'Stove Musician'.

1999 Summer - (first extended issue) NESCO FEATURE, A Salute To Hollywood, Magic Chef and Servel, Northwind 1930 fans, 1949 Oster Stim-U-Lax junior vibrator, 1920s Quickmeal 6 burner range, Fostoria sandwich grille, Sunbeam flat toaster #4, 1951 Wedgwood stove, Silex internally lit coffee percolator, 1936 Canadian-built tiny Frigidaire refrigerator, 1929 Hoover vacuum, 1930s Toastmaster, Kenmore 1950 stove, Frigidaire double French door electric range, G.E. fan story - The Breeze and I, Merrywell mixer 1930s, Toastove 1920s, Crankup fan, 1919 Hotpoint six burner electric range, 1936 G.E. White delivery truck, Part 2 FEATURE - How Rare Frigidaire with ancient Frigidaire refrigerators, Frigidaire Automatic Washer, Red Devil floor polisher '50, Chip’s Magic Secret

1999 Fall - (extended issue) CLASS OF ‘47 STOVES FEATURE - see twelve different ranges w/ features from 1947, 1930s G.E. Monitor Top refrigerator showroom, 30s G.E. flat-ironer, spin-washer, new vintage-style reproduction parts and services plus wooden electric fridges, 1935 GE mixer, irons, coffee pots, toaster display by Jim Apthorpe, Bridge Beach stove, restored Chambers Model 

"C" range, Jim Stulga’s rare G.E. Double Door Monitor Top refrigerator and story, 1906 GE Electric Cooking Table and products, 1951 Vita-Aire Conditioner, matchbook cover appliance ads, Part I of Peter Mintun’s glorious vintage kitchen.

2000 Winter - (extended issue) KITCHENAID FEATURE  w/ six different  models, Makeover at Mintun's - unbelievable kitchen restoration feature utilizing a myriad of hand-picked vintage appliances. Pictures of Westinghouse 1950 Twin washer/dryer, turnover and well-type toasters, G.E. Monitor Top clock, 1930s Detroit Jewell gas range, 1929 Monitor top refrigerator, 1920s single slice Toastmaster, KitchenAid A-9 Coffee mill, Oster 40 mixer, Sunkist Commercial juicer, G.E. F-4 fan, Never-Lift Proctor Iron, 1932 G.E. Manor Deluxe Range, G.E. DX-18 three door Monitor Top refrigerator w/solid crock interior.

2000 Spring - (extended issue) THE O'KEEFE & MERRITT ARISTOCRAT RANGE AND HISTORY FEATURE article, 1930 Thor Agitator ad with Speed Iron Attachment, 1940s side by side G.E. refrigerator found in Florida, Bonnie's N'Awlins Beauty - a functional kitchen makeover, pictures of the Westinghouse Emperor Range built-in cigarette lighter, GE Hotpoint electric range egg cooker, Gray's Electric water heater, Armstrong Perc-O-Toaster, history of The Electrikbroom, and Pick Up an Old Toaster-Without Getting Burned

2000 Summer - (extended issue) TWO FEATURES, WASH n' DRY & STEAM n' PRESS, 1930 Westinghouse refrigerator assembly, Magic Chef 1000 series, Hoover Upright vac dusting set, Universal Table stove, Underwood electric dryer shaver, 1927 Roper Purple Line stoves, Royal Culinaire food mixer, Irons - Canadian GE Hotpoint, Knapp-Monarch, Proctor, Miracle, Montgomery Ward, Rival and Universal, the Cook with Gas Truck, Bugs Bunny Waffle Iron, 1930 GE air conditioner/radio cabinet, 1951 stove

2000 Fall - (extended issue) THE EVOLUTION OF DISHWASHERS FEATURE , Electrolux vacuums - 1924 to 1979, GE Monitor Top sugar bowl, tape measure, Telechron clock, ashtray, S&P, water bottle, book and matchbook cover, Monarch range w/top mounted broaster, early mdl. 59 Culinaire mixer, Edison electric urn, Osterizer, Wafflemaster, 1936 Son Chief Drop Side;Toastmaster 1BS toasters, Dormeyer 3000-A mixer, electric buffet, round 50s Kenmore washer, copper Chambers 61C, Dishwashers-Walker Bros. 1909 to 1918, first combo sink/dishwasher, first square, GE/Hotpoint, front controls, early Conover, Hobart's KitchenAid centrifugal pump/rocker arm, 1895-1920 Ads-Baird, Wolcott, Kitchen Service, Western Electric, Electric Maid and Whirlpool, postcards, Bungalow range, 20lb. Savory toaster, Barlow & Seelig roll-type ironer, 1938 Montgomery Wards Deluxe electric washer, 1840s icemaking machine, 1921 Frigidaire icebox.

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