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TERMS and Conditions


Please ready all terms carefully below.


Sales Tax will be applied to all California orders.


Insurance Coverage or Signature Confirmation Delivery available upon request.


Not liable or responsible for any damage or delays due to shipper.


No replacement or refund on any item that has been lost or recorded as Delivered by carrier.


You need a qualified tech to analyze the issue, install and adjust parts. We supply parts, services and printed information only and cannot assist a non-licensed person over the phone installing parts. It is imperative you hire a qualified, licensed service technician to diagnose your stoves problem first as we cannot diagnose mechanical problems over the telephone.


If you or the service person you hire makes an incorrect analysis we are not responsible in any way to rectify their mistakes and will not refund the cost of parts or service that we performed. We work from  diagnosis you supply as we are not there in person. Shipping is non-refundable for any order.


All warranties on thermostats or safety valves start from the day the customer receives the order regardless of when the unit is installed.

From the day you receive your thermostat, safety valves, pilots, safety systems, minipilots, combination pilots or electrical parts you or your service technician have 30 days to install the parts and contact us immediately if you should have any concerns. Warranty does not cover items that are damaged by tinkering. If Factory Settings are altered customer is responsible for recalibration or repair cost plus shipping.


Return postage of any part and installation cost for any service technician hired is not covered by J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. That is the customers choice and responsibility. No returns or exchanges on any parts without first sending the required e-mail pictures to:


All sales final - No return or refund on stove insulation that is custom cut to a customers order via telephone or by email. 

There is no refund nor replacement on: any safety valve order, convertible gas regulator for Propane/Natural Gas, thermostat rebuilding orders or thermostat exchanges, custom fabricated safety systems, pilot assemblies, minipilots, combination pilot replacements, electric elements or specific rebuild orders for your stove. All work is custom to each individual order. Warranty is according to the specific stove part.


Block Off Kits for thermostats - We loan our Block Off Kits when they

 are in stock. There is a $45.00 deposit the customer needs to place on

 it before we lend it out. This is a refundable deposit as long as all

 parts are sent back in good condtion for the next customer. The only

 expense to the customer to borrow the unit is postage. Please be aware

 we DO NOT send Block Off Kits out unless we have a thermostat order

 from you. Once a Block Off kit is ordered WITH a thermostat order .

 Once the Block Off kit is sent out the thermostat order cannot be

 cancelled. Make sure to keep your tracking number when you return the

 block off kit so we can make the refund. No refund will be made unless

 you can supply the tracking number as proof it was mailed back to us.


 All sales final - no refund nor replacement on rebuilt or new electrical parts or elements due to damage from a malfunctioning appliance that caused the replacement part to arc and burn out. This includes all electric element orders or electric parts units.


All sales final on:  PDF files, printed materials and electrical parts, used parts and services.



No Return if replacement parts have been damaged or worn without authorization.

25% Restocking fee will be charged on new or rebuilt parts if you have received written authorization from J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. to return the merchandise. The product(s)  returned must be in original condition. New or rebuilt thermostats , safety valves or carbon rod regulators are excluded from return as they are covered by a stated warranty. Shipping is nonrefundable. **All Credits Must Be Used Within 6 months from issue date or they will be void.


25% Processing fees will be charged on all cancelled orders + loss of postage fees. This covers time to prepare individual orders, ship it out promptly and to restock an item. *In the event parts are not able to be found, manufactured or have been  discontinued and we cannot complete restoration of any thermostat, safety valve, element or any other range part that was sent in to us, we will refund your payment. This does not cover any service tech fees you have incurred.


Returns for new, rebuilt or used parts must be received within 30 days or no credit will be issued unless it is a qualified return. Thermostats, safety valves and carbon rod regulators are non returnable. To be a qualified return you must have written authorization from J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc., before you return anything otherwise it will be returned to you.


25% restocking fee will be charged. Items are subject to inspection before eligible for full or partial refund credit. No credit on any damaged non-useable items.

Shipping is non-refundable on all orders unless stated.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service or orders to anyone for

any reason not prohibited by law without explanation.


Chargebacks: Customers must attempt to first get written authorization from J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc, before merchandise is returned so we can determine if the parts or service are under warranty.



Not responsible for parts or orders left after 30 days unless previously arranged.

J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc.reserves the right to keep and use all testimonial e-mails, letters, and all correspondence for advertisements. All testimonials posted are true and no party has been paid or compensated to share their testimonial.


NOTE: We supply parts, service and stove publications however we are unable to diagnose problems as we are not on site. The first step is to have a stove tech or appliance service person examine the appliance or part. Then, let us know exactly what you need so we can how we can help to get your stove back up to speed asap. Note: If you are a novice and do not understand how to work on your stove you need to hire a service person to assist you. If you do not have an antique stove tech in your area see the previous paragraph on consultation services by phone or email.

 Custom Orders - There is no refund or return on custom manufactured orders like oven and broiler elements and any gas related equipment orders. Please be aware if you have had a custom order manufactured and need clarification or a question please email: before you order.

Core Exchange Safety Valves and Thermostats - When you order a core exchange safety valve or thermostat the unit that we are sending out has been built exclusively for your stove. There is no refund or exchange once the unit has been custom built for you for any reason except warranty service. We cannot analyze if your safety valve or thermostat is bad without being in front of your stove. The responsibility for that rests totally on the customer and their service tech. We supply replacement parts, you get the analysis.

 Parts From Outside Sources: If we are conducting a parts search for you when we don't have it within our own stock please understand we have no control over when parts are sold. If we contact you and let you know the parts you need are available today it is best to order right away. With closeout and discontinued secondary parts sales there is no "hold" put on parts. All secondary parts are first come; first serve.

 TECHNICAL SERVICE HELP OVER THE PHONE OR BY EMAIL: Service Techs are not on call or able to answer questions about your order unless you have made a phone appointment for a specific day and time and at least 48 hours ahead of time. There is a  service charge for all consultation that can be paid for with credit card or Pay Pal. The cost is $75.00 per issue. Email : for further information

Prices subject to change without notice.



Call (805) 643-3532  or 

Email  for Assistance.

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Terms and Condtions...Refunds and Returns


Chargebacks: Customers must attempt to return merchandise after the return has been ok'd before proceeding with a chargeback.


Sales Tax will be applied to all California orders.


Insurance Coverage or Signature Confirmation Delivery

Available on request.


Not liable or responsible for any damage or delays due to shipper.

No replacement or refund on any item that has been lost or recorded as Delivered by carrier.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service or orders to anyone for

any reason not prohibited by law without explanation.


Not responsible for ANY parts or orders left after 30 days including parts sent back for examination or service. You must stay in contact with us for your part.


Prices subject to change without notice.


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