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for Antique Stoves


Oven Not Operating ?


FREE Testing


YOUR Safety Valves,

Thermocouples or Solenoids

Send digital pictures to: of the

 safety valve(s) and pilot first to get started. 

(Broken or dismantled safties excluded.)


Introducing the NEW

San Marin TS-7

Safety Valve


First Safety Design Improvement

in Over 50 Years!


Super Sensitive

Heavy Duty

Magnetic Head


Contact JES Now at:


(805) 643-3532

New, Rebuilt or Used

If oven does NOT TURN ON or operate, problem can be in several areas ... most economical solutions below - no cutting or fitting - Fits Right!



TS 7, 9, 11, 12, 13,

14 & 15, FM, Baso, BJC,

Bryant Igniter, DT.


Click to see MR-2 and Grayson vales below...

Click here to see some of the many styles we offer rebuilding on for your stove.  >   TS7, TS11, MR2, MR3, Grayson 1930s, Bryant Igniter, Harper Wyman, Robertshaw DT, and Chambers built-in CharGlo.

Forget about having to re-plumb your antique stove

 or trying to find a generic replacement part!

High Quality Antique Safety Valves
Fully Restored, Rebuilt, Warrantied


CLICK PIC for larger view...

Polished for advertisement.


NO Cutting or Fitting.


Fits only commercial TS-7 oven and broiler stoves

Not for domestic stoves.




Installs in MINUTES !





An excellent tool,

"The CHECKER" will let you know if your thermocouple or safety valve is not operating properly. Also used for thermostat thermocouples.



Thermocouple - 'A'

Thermocouple Checker - 'b'


Just unscrew threaded end (A) of thermocouple from the safety valve and into the checker (B). 


Hold in for 1 minute. If end pops out the thermocouple is bad.


Requires no electricity or batteries - no meters to read or technical knowledge necessary. 

Can also be used to test thermocouples outside of stove with just a lighter. Good for the life of your stove. 


“For the first time since I bought the house, my oven is working beautifully...

...refurbished for half the cost. My plumber re-installed the thermocouple and refurbished safety valve..."

P. Dautel - Texas


Last February I bought a house that was built in 1950. It's a lovely house with red oak hard wood floors, lots of windows and a wonderful Universal gas stove in excellent condition, except the oven didn't work. A local plumber diagnosed the safety valve problem. J.E.S. responded quickly by email and I arranged for my plumber to disconnect the thermocouple and safety valve so the parts could be mailed to JES. Now all is working again!


"I'm a Baker....

and I'm So Happy"

Thank you soooo much for fixing my oven. Since  I got it in May of this year I have never been able to use it. I'm a baker!!! I'm so Happy!  :) Thank you and your team.

J. Wynn - California


24 Hour turnaround on

all units in stock for core exchanges.




GRAYSON TS-7 Returns!

Installs in Minutes.

No Need to Replumb.

Commonly known as the "Pickle Valve" for its shape, the Grayson TS-7 can now be remanufactured to better than original factory specifications.

All TS configurations

can be restored.

TS 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15




We own the only magnetic head servicing machine in the U.S.A. This machine was developed by Jack Santoro CEO of J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. His studies for over 50 years in the magnetic field sciences inspired him to seek a way to restore vintage magnetic valves to full performance.This service is unavailable anywhere else and is included at no extra cost.


All Safety Valves carry a TWO-YEAR domestic warranty.

Units are heat and cold cycle tested for maximum performance.

 Magnetic heads are serviced and re-magnetized. Each unit is leak-proofed, casings are chem-bathed, shop tested and factory certified.


All TS-7 and San Marin Valves are fitted at no extra charge with custom made Santoro Safety Seals . These are the finest seals made in the world.


Email pictures, front back and side, of the valve.


We will reply if we have your exact antique model on the shelf and

ready to ship!


 Once all is working, send in your old core for exchange.




Testimonials  below...


 FREE Testing





Let us know the problem you are experiencing.


Then send in parts for your



Send digital pictures first of the safety valve and pilot so we can see if we can help you asap.


After the parts examination we will contact you for the quickest and most economical remedy.

*Broken or dismantled safety valves excluded.


Expert rebuild services save your time and money.


Highest Quality - USA Made

Best Fit for your

Antique Stove


Two Year Guaranteed

Warranty Service.


Just follow your thermocouple sensor tube to your safety valve.


Antique Rebuilt Safeties

Ready to Ship Shelf Stock

Email pictures, front back and side, of your valve.

We will reply if we have an exact match on the shelf ready to ship.


24 Hour turnaround on

all units in stock.


Typically, the pilot lite is on but the oven won't stay on at all or will only hold for a while, even after you pushed and held the safety button in.

Hire a licensed appliance tech to diagnose that your safety is actually the problem first.

*All safety valve work is a custom order.

There is no return, refund or credit on any safety valve, pilot assembly, minipilot or

combination pilot that is a custom order.



Call 805-643-3532




All major cards or PayPal accepted.


Get Your Stove

Up and Running!





WHY Rebuild ?

The very best and least expensive way to correct a safety valve problem is to have what is already in the stove rebuilt or replaced with an exact rebuilt original.

 Originals are designed to fit correctly

without modification costs!



Forget about having to re-plumb your stove

or trying to find a generic replacement part

to replace the high quality safety valve.


Now up to 98% of all MR-2 General Controls and Grayson Thermostatic

 Safety Valves can be

Restored by Rebuilding.


Save Your Precious Time and Money…

Rebuilding is Better!


After all, for 40, 50 or 60 years! of service these quality valves could use a rebuild.


They were USA Made to Keep Going Strong!


For preliminary examination

Email a picture of your safety valve to or send in your old safety valve for a FREE Bench test.


We report back within 24 hours with test results by Email (except on holidays and weekends).


Remember, the test is free on non broken or dismantled valves !

All you cover is return shipping. *Remember to send digital pictures first!


Phone     (805) 643-3532  



'Bulldog' Thermocouples Available...

email picture with the Length you need -

24", 30", 36", 48", 60" or 72"

Heavy duty, extra sensitivity, longer lasting, fully tested.
One Year Warranty...

T-cples come with

Free Instructions for your stove.




1. No extra retrofitting expenses and time.

2. Easy Fit!  Rebuilt valves go back in the same way they came out. Same size.

3. Replacement valves restrict use of storage rack due to larger size.

4. Quality! USA made original valves were Made to Last.  Rebuilds are Warrantied!

5. Economical! You $ave by           rebuilding the original.


J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. 50 Years Antique Stove Parts - Service - Information




Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service. I asked a million questions and got answers to all of them in a very prompt manner. I have an antique stove that has been in the family for over 60 years and they helped me keep it working by providing a hard to find replacement thermostat. Not only that, but detailed easy to follow instructions on how install it.

I live in an area where finding repair people to work on one of these impossible, but with their help I was able to tackle this job and keep a great piece working. I can't say enough good things about them.

G. Smith - Newnan, GA

My Oven is Working Beautifully.


J.E.S. did some diagnostics on the safety valve and told me it could be refurbished for half the cost of a new safety valve. My plumber reinstalled the thermocouple and refurbished safety valve. For the first time since I bought the house, my oven is working beautifully.  And just in time for the Holidays!

P. Dautel - Texas


The Oven Works Again!!!!


The rebuilt safety valve and pilot assembly arrived yesterday for my Western Holly stove and I was able to install them last night. The oven works again!!! Thank you !!!

 I will be ordering some cables for the oven door and replace the safety and the  pilot on the broiler side too.

 M. Spann - California


If I Need Anything Else for My Stove

 I will Certainly be in Contact With You.


I installed  the (replacement) safety valve that you sent me

and it works perfectly. If I need anything else for my stove I will certainly be in contact with you.


J. Brown - Alabama



1952 O'Keefe & Merritt -  Working - Totally!


I'm happy to report that our 1952 O'Keefe and Merritt stove is finally working - totally!  I installed the parts you shipped, did a bubble test and all seems well. Just wanted to give you guys a big American-Flag salute for helping me get our stove up and running. My wife is so happy! Our stove is like a new toy and it's our Christmas gift, too! My wife can't believe she got her X-Mas present. Finally! 

Have a great holiday.

Thanks again for your help.

R. Mellinger - Michigan 


Stove Works Great!

I would like to thank you for your help in locating a replacement safety valve for my gas on gas stove. I installed it a couple of weeks ago and it works great. The pilot takes 30 sec. or less to light, and when you blow out the pilot after running, the unit will not run with the pilot out as it is suppose to.  THANKS AGAIN!

P. Szydlo - Conneticut


1940's O'Keefe & Merritt TS-7 Safety Valve Rebuild

The safety valve rebuild worked great!


C. Galassi - California


Call (805) 643-3532  or 

Email  for Assistance.

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Parts, Service, Information ... Antique Stove Preservation.

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