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NEW MODERN or ANTIQUE - Domestic or Commercial, All Sizes

Click - Rebuilds for Larger Ovens and Pizza Ovens

Electric Broiler Element Rebuilt

"You were my last hope..."

How do I ever say Thank You!

I am so pleased with the repair. I really didn't think it could be fixed. You were my last hope. It arrived in fine condition...couldn't get it unwrapped fast enough! I'm so very's working wonderfully now. Thanks again so very much.

M. Reim



My Hubby thanks you, too!

KEEP your Hi-Quality, Original Parts. They will Fit Right back in!

MODERN NEW or Antique! Domestic or Commercial Ovens or Broilers

 Please be careful when removing. Hard to find parts can easily be broken if pulling too hard to remove an element. At times there are rare clips,or pins that hold the element in place that are Broken while removing. At times RUST is holding the piece in place. Use a rust remover and a penetrating oil like 'Kroil' available at any hardware store to loosen parts for easy and safe removal. It may take some time for these products to work to loosen the parts.

FREE  Assistance -Phone or E-mail- with All Orders

Call (805) 643-3532  or  Email 


Rebuilding Original Elements is Better...avoid alterations, generic quality problems. Originals are specifically made for your stove, Fit Properly,

Highest Quality, longest lasting.


We rebuild most original ELECTRIC Oven or Broiler Elements

GE - Hotpoint - Frigidaire - Westinghouse - Philco - Thermador - Monarch Malleable - Tappan - Chambers - and many other obsolete brands.


Before a technician does any troubleshooting or removes parts, to avoid personal injury or even death:  First they would disconnect your stove from its power source - unplug it, break the connection at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Note: be careful of sharp edges on parts. Label wiring for reinstallation. A technician reinstalling should be careful the part does not 'fry' due to faulty installation.


Large Ovens and Pizza Oven Elements:


Each loop may have different voltage and watts

After an element is taken out

clean each loop to read different voltages and watts stamped on each.


Also email info on the Block and Tag.


See # 2. and 3. below...


 Domestic Oven / Broiler ELEMENTS

After an element is taken out Email:

1. Information stamped on the element block, plug and frame - 

      Voltage, wattage/kw, model, type, etc.


2. Email digital pictures of element:

      a.) Front, then turn over to take picture of the Back.

      b.) Plug, plug area.


3. Length, width of element frame.


We will reply by email with cost for rebuilding this type / model.




Rebuilding Originals ...

avoid alterations and generic quality problems. Original elements are specific to your stove, fit properly, highest quality, longest lasting. 


Testimonials for our Antique Electric Stove Elements Manufacturing Services


"I’ll be giving The Old Appliance Club rave reviews on Twitter and Facebook."

I can’t believe you already shipped the element back! I went home on my lunch break because I was so nervous and excited to see if the element works…AND IT DOES! Thank you so much! I am completely relieved. I called three local appliance repair places – specializing in ovens and Frigidaires and one told me I would need to bring the OVEN in to his shop before he could tell me if he could fix the element or not (seriously?), the other told me he would have to make a house call to tell me if he could fix it even though I told him I could bring it to him, and the third guy was at least nice enough to tell me he couldn’t do it. If I hadn’t found your site I would’ve had to buy a new oven, which I didn’t want to do because of financial and sentimental reasons.

I am so pleased with your work, communication and quick turnaround.

I’ll be giving The Old Appliance Club rave reviews on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you SO much!

C. Henning - Eugene, OR


"You Made a Difference In Someone's Life Today...."

Yippee! Our service company wanted to write down the name of your company to tell his customers that have old appliances where I got my parts from.  My broiler element is repaired and works great! Thanks for helping us in more ways than I can count. You made a difference in someone's life today. It was worth coming in to work.

K. Merchant - MN


“You Guys Are My Heroes!”

 YAY! I received the electric element for my old G.E. range today and it works!! You guys are heroes!

Thanks so much, you guys rock!  - Colleen, San Francisco, CA

Obsolete Thermador Oven Element Problem Solved

I shipped my old Thermador element to you and within 10 days I got my new element. I put it in the oven last night and it worked!! I can't thank you enough for all your help. I will be happy to recommend you guys to anybody who needs help with their appliance parts. Thanks, again.

Happy Customer,

J. LeBlanc - Santa Ana, California

"You Helped Save a Stove She Didn't Want to Lose."

1950s Monarch Malleable Range 

I am writing on behalf of Joan S., who had a stove element made by one of your team members.  The product that you produced arrived today.  I have run a preliminary test, and it seems fine.  I do have one complaint--sort of--the package did not come with a birthday card.  The product that you produced arrived on Joan S.'s birthday.  You should see I am only joking about the complaint, but it was her birthday.  You helped save a stove that she did not want to lose.  I pass along a "thank you" to you and your team.  I hope you more people hear of your service.


V. Swanson - Michigan

1952 G.E. Oven Element Fits and Works Perfectly

Thank you the bake element is a  perfect fit and works wonderfully !  Thank you so much wouldn't have been able to get the part anywhere else ! We love our old stove ! 


D. Perry - Rhode Island

Loves Older Westinghouse with new Oven Element

Hi there,

Thank you.  The element arrived on time and works really well. I really appreciate that we could continue to use this lovely oven - thanks for providing such a service


B. Madden - Los Altos, California

1959 Tappan Electric Stove Lives Again

You ROCK!  We were out of town a couple of days and low and behold our neighbor brought our replacement element to us today (Sun) since it was delivered on Thurs after I ordered it on Wed! Best part -- hubby installed it today and my oven works again!  I just can't say enough great things about you, all of you, your right on rapid response and amazing timing, accuracy, and absolute satisfaction with everything associated with you!  What a pleasure to have people who obviously care about what they are doing and deliver!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  To whom can I report your excellent service??


Kindest regards to all!

L. Borden - Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Vintage GE Electric Oven Element - I'm All Smiles Here!


I just wanted to let you know I received my vintage GE electric oven element and voila!!! IT'S PERFECT! The temperature is exactly what it should be. I'm completely amazed and impressed with your service.

Thank you SO much!  I'm all smiles here.
L.Wierbinski - Wisconsin


I installed the Thermostat and it Works Great!

You guys are great, I installed the thermostat and it works great! Now my wife will get off my a** now that she has her oven back (she's one hell of a cook)! I'll be throwing your name around to anybody that needs help or repairs! Once again "THANKS" very much!!!!

K. Holland - Utah



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