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The Old Appliance Club has been interviewed for the following newspapers, books

home sections, magazines and radio shows: - June 10, 2004 - An Sylvia Carter

It was just your typical vacation in an aging farmhouse, I suppose....

I discovered that the preheat button on the oven of the handsome old Majestic Range no longer pushed in or popped out... Andy Ferguson of Andy's Maytag Appliances in Kahoka, the county seat of neighboring Clark County, allowed that the stove "might be worth something."

I had already made up my mind about that. This stove held too many memories. In bitter winter weather, we brought in just-born calves and kept them by the stove...My grandmother stirred up the syrup for making fluffy white popcorn balls on the wood stove surface...

Now, we tried in vain to use a slender magnet to draw the missing parts of the preheat button through a tiny hole.

No dice...A few days later in St. Louis, I approached the counter of an appliance parts store...One of those contacts led me to J.E.S. Enterprises in Ventura, Calif., and the Old Appliance Club.

Jack Santoro, founder of the club, said that if I take a picture of the part I need and send it, the club can put out the equivalent of an all-points bulletin to try to acquire it. Or maybe I will get lucky and it will be in stock. The company has seven warehouses crammed with appliances and parts.

Of course, the stove is in Missouri and I am not, so my part may have to wait until another visit.

The parts I need would be available, Santoro assured me ... He agreed that my '50s stove sounded worth saving.

Malcolm McDowell, the movie star, had planned on a 1930s stove, Santoro confided, "but when his wife saw the '50s stove, she went crazy; that was what she wanted. They built a pearl-shell kind of template behind the stove," just to show it off.

Their stove may be "the jewel of the kitchen," as Santoro put it. But my stove is the jewel of my heart.

To learn more about old stoves, go to, which has a link to the Old Appliance Club.
Frances Carter's Brown Sugar Angel Food CAKE
There wasn't an angel food cake in Scotland County, or maybe in all Missouri, that could touch the one made by my mother, Frances Smith Carter...  for the rest of the story - go to (AND, for the recipe!)


Better Homes and Gardens - Kitchen and Bath Ideas - September/October 2003 

Coffee Break Treasure Hunting by Kelly Rawlings - Appliances in Common - page 39


PBS The History Channel - ASK THE EXPERTS


Jack Santoro, American Appliance Historian, July 2000


300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles – 5th edition for 2003 (Krause Publications) 

by Linda Campbell Franklin   states: The Old Appliance Club

 “a large, active, friendly membership” featuring “fact-filled issues of 

The Old Road Home” newsletter 


Woman's Day Special Kitchen and Bath Magazine for June/July 2003 

RETRO APPLIANCES by John Loecke - featuring Old Appliance Club founder Jack Santoro discussing antique stoves and refrigerators and new retro appliances.


Romantic Homes - April 2003



Published Sunday, October 7, 2001  

For vintage appliance lovers, older is often better

BY MARY BETH BRECKENRIDGE - Knight Ridder News Service



November 7, 2002

HOUSE PROUD - The Vikings Retreat in the Face of a Classic



News in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Friday, September 20, 2002

FRONT PAGE ,CENTER - Monitor Top madness continues to grow for old refrigerator lovers.

January 2003 - Media Interviews with TOAC where Everything Old Is New Again!

Live!  The Old Appliance Club on  RADIO  

Jack Santoro, founder of  The Old Appliance Club had an informative and inspiring interview for listeners in the 

Detroit, Michigan area this Sunday, 1/26/03, on the Joe Gagnon Show in Detroit, Michigan.


Joe Gagnon, better known as the Appliance Doctor featured The Old Appliance Club founder, Jack Santoro, on his 10am Sunday radio show on 1/26/03. Jack explained why and how he created the concept of a worldwide central clearinghouse for vintage appliance enthusiasts, restoration specialists and users of classic appliances. Santoro also serves as the historian for TOAC and editor of The Old Road Home, the only vintage appliance magazine in the world.


Joe writes for The Observer and Eccentric Newspaper in Michigan. In his recent article spotlighting TOAC, Joe was so taken by Jack Santoro’s Antique Stove Virtual Service Call® idea that he believes appliance manufacturers throughout the USA should adopt Santoro’s system to assist the homeowner and end user of their products. 

Jack and Joe really hit it off and inspired callers are flocking to TOAC to field their questions. 

Here's as tiny capsule of  Joe's impressive background and why he is known as the 'Consumer Gladiator':

Joe became a member of the National Association of Service Managers and eventually the President of such.
Joe helped draft and introduce into proposed legislation, The Appliance Repair Act which has failed several times to pass into law. This same proposal has now currently passed unanimously through the Senate in Lansing and is due shortly to be approved. An amendment was passed through the House to change the name of the Bill to read the "Gagnon Law"

His proudest award to date is from his peers and media representatives - the Esther Shapiro Award for 

Excellence in Consumer Reporting.
Click to read more about The Appliance Doctor, Joe Gagnon.



Aged, but elegant: Old stoves are still going strong

March 27, 2001



July 14, 2000

CNN News - Valuable antiques chilling in Cuban kitchens - HAVANA (CNN) 

Havana Bureau Chief Lucia Newman and writer Mary-Jo Lipman contributed to this report.


October 2001

Life - Interest in older appliances grows
By MARY PICKETT Of The Gazette Staff

The Billings Gazette - Billings, Montana


Chicago Tribune Online Edition - SHOP TALK

Old-appliance clearinghouse keeps home fires burning

By Sondra Farrell Bazrod - Special to the Tribune - August 16, 2002



Partial listing of other publications, TV, and radio website interviews with Jack Santoro:


Wall Street Journal-1995, Natural Gas Dailies, LA Times, Antique Trader,  BrandWise, Good Housekeeping magazine, Independent Business magazine, Business '99, Renovation Style, The New Yorker, Frontier House PBS series, The Old House Journal magazine, syndicated columnists, Ann and Nan, Mr. Handyperson - Mark Hett, This Old House, Collectors Magazine and Price Guide, Cabin Life, libraries and museums throughout the country including The Smithsonian Library.


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